Prepping for Christmas with Vollie

Come December, families are thinking they should give back more, and so are businesses – it means that Australian not-for-profits are swamped with an excess amount of suddenly-eager individuals with hearts certainly in the right place, but an overwhelming number of criteria, questions and varying availabilities and conditions that come along with their enthusiasm.


Crisis at Christmas – Christmas Eve at Link Centre


Often forced to create work just so volunteers have something to do, the excess of hands at the busiest time of year can often demand more effort from non-profits rather than less.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t want your help –

It’s 2018 and we can access our calendars from any screen (even our watch faces), so there’s no excuse when it comes to the prospect of just getting organized early.

Vollie Business was created to respond to a number of industry needs, and this was undoubtedly one of them. We’ve seen the issues from both corporates and non-profits, and we’ve heard from the employees engaging in workplace giving – they want to be heard. They want to use their own unique skills and superpowers to give back to the causes that mean most to them.

If businesses want to revolutionize the way they give back to be as meaningful and impactful as possible, Vollie Business now exists to make that happen. Click here for more info.

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