Vollie Spotlight: David Tea

If it was possible to be a professional Vollie, Tea would be one. Having completed projects with NFPs like Shine Cambodia, the Social Innovation Network and Care to Compare, the digital marketer has an emphasised skill set in SEO/SEM, analytics, ads and more. We spoke to Tea about his volunteer journey and how he came

In a market fuelled by “experiences” rather than goods and services, brands are diversifying their offerings to sell consumers something more exciting. Non-profits certainly aren’t being left behind. “There’s always a place for not-for-profits, they perform work that no private or government organisation will do or will invest in, or doesn’t think is important to

The on-demand tech revolution has a particularly obvious underlying theme, and that’s personalisation. Convenience? Sure. Timeliness? Without a doubt. But it’s the way we are able to specifically tailor goods and services to our personal preferences and requirements – the door-to-door journey of an Uber ride, the extra sauce and no peanuts on our Deliveroo

Prepping for Christmas with Vollie

Come December, families are thinking they should give back more, and so are businesses – it means that Australian not-for-profits are swamped with an excess amount of suddenly-eager individuals with hearts certainly in the right place, but an overwhelming number of criteria, questions and varying availabilities and conditions that come along with their enthusiasm.  

Last night, Vollie joined Chuffed.org CEO Prashan Paramanathan and Sandy McDonald from Knit-a-Square to present the event How to recruit an online army of 20,000 volunteers for your cause at General Assembly Melbourne. We loved hearing Sandy share her incredible story on how she mobilised a community of tens of thousands across the globe to contribute to her cause,

Lively is the quintessential example of innovation that can change the face of non-profits in 2018. With an attention to Australia’s ageing population and an aged care sector that’s struggling to meet the needs of the elderly generation, Lively works to bridge the gap between them and today’s youth, creating opportunities for meaningful connections in

When the times get tough, the tough get creative. Establishing a more stable and consistent revenue stream is an important priority for NFPs and NGOs of all shapes and sizes, and sometimes donations just aren’t cutting it when it comes to getting your big ideas across the line. With more and more charities starting up

1. Ditch the straw We all love to sip on a summer cocktail now and then, or maybe a fresh juice with Sunday brunch. Straws may seem pretty innocuous, but as a single-use plastic they can’t biodegrade – only break down into microplastics, which are incredibly harmful for marine life. Each year, a whopping 1

Volunteering doesn’t have to be an enormous commitment. Sometimes, the hobbies you might enjoy in your spare time can end up helping charities and non-profit organisations in hugely useful ways. James is one such individual who found a way to turn his passion into a charitable act, using Vollie to connect with the Adelaide-based Kain

Volunteering and the Gig Economy

I have worked in the NGO space for the best part of a decade, and it has transformed my perspective on life. You meet the most inspiring people on a daily basis, and I truly care about this sector and where it’s headed. This is why the future of volunteering is an issue close to