A few months ago, we caught up with Nell from Wild Paws Wildlife Shelter, a member of the Vollie family, to check out how she’s making positive changes to her world. Needless to say, Nell is an incredible human being and at 24, we’re confident she’s only going to continue being a conduit of incredible

Millennials Don’t Volunteer

According to Australian census data, only 30% of millennials have undertaken voluntary work in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, the property-hoarding Baby Boomer and GenX parents are leading the charge of goodwill, with more than 40% of them donating their time. So, for a generation that is so passionate, so ethical, and so driven by

We bumped into Terry while we were on the streets of Melbourne asking people about their volunteering efforts. His enthusiasm for life, his belief in humanity, and his energy was incredible, so we decided to make an edit dedicated to celebrating the glory that is Terry!