Bringin' sexy back to volunteering

In this digital age, the workforce is increasingly mobile and work can be done from anywhere, so that job and location are decoupled.

Digitisation and the entry of the millennial generation into the workforce is fuelling this change. At Vollie, we believe that it is vital for non-profit organisations to more effectively engage millennials and provide them with opportunities that fit into this new age of work. Vollie is redesigning volunteering for the digital age. We provide non-profits with a highly cost-effective option with guaranteed results to connect their organisational needs with the skills and experience of modern-day professionals.

Online volunteering for an online generation

We make it incredibly easy for people to connect their skills and experience with the causes that matter to them, thus unlocking millions of dollars in volunteer value to our non-profit partners and allowing a new generation to make change, their way.

The opportunity for all of us is to be a conduit of change by making more connections between our society and the animals, plants and people in this world.