We Make Finding & Using Skilled Online Volunteers Easy

Volunteering that saves you money

Vollie's ever-expanding family of non-profit and social enterprise partners enjoy an average of $800 in value per project that they list on Vollie. Through Vollie, our partners have utilised the services of graphic designers, marketing professionals, PR experts, SEO specialists, and website developers - to name just a few!

Projects on Vollie are famous for being able to engage and excite our large audience of skilled volunteers. Our account management team will help you craft a series of online volunteering projects that turn your organisational needs into projects that online volunteers are desperate to work on.

3-Step Online Volunteer Process

Project Strategy & Design

We'll turn your organisational requirements into online volunteer projects that suit your needs and our volunteers' flexibility.

Volunteer Recruitment

With a 100% success record in finding the right skilled volunteer, we can manage the entire volunteer recruitment process.

Project Delivery

Our unique platform and process has a 100% success rate when it comes to delivering skilled volunteer projects.

Why we charge

We're so much more than a job board!

When you use Vollie for online volunteering, you're using a platform that has redesigned the volunteering experience to make online volunteering more attractive to skilled volunteers and more valuable to non-profit organisations. Our team of Account Managers ensure that every project can be done by an online volunteer, every candidate on the platform is legitimate in intent and skillset, and every project that runs through Vollie is completed.

To do this, we charge non-profit organisations a small fee for each project that is completed on the platform. This gives you a return investment of 20x what you spend in volunteer and services value.

We help make skilled online volunteering accessible for non-profits

We have a wonderful (and growing) family of charities who are each trying to make the world a better place. Whether you want to access our online volunteering service or work with a specific non-profit, you can find out more below!

Twin Rivers Community Care

The Twin Rivers Centre purpose is all about Bringing Hope through all of the community services that are provided.


Marist180 is an organisation committed to empowering people with skills, knowledge, practical support.

Save a Horse Australia

SAHA rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes horses who have been neglected, abandoned or have no other options.

Toy Libraries Australia

We are the peak body for over 280 NFP toy libraries in Australia and are an NFP incorporated association.

StartOut Australia

StartOut offers online mentorship programs to people of diverse sexuality and gender.

Voiceless, the animal protection institute

Voiceless works to educate, inspire and mobilise a new generation to be tomorrow's change-makers.

Life Force Cancer Foundation

LFCF provides emotional & psychosocial support in Sydney area to people dealing with experience of cancer

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria

Crime prevention through building educated and connected communities

The Lowitja Institute

Working for the health and wellbeing of Australia's First Peoples through high impact quality research.

The Brain Food Factory

We create a free monthly brain exercise e-magazine

Camp Dogs NT

Focusing on caring for camp dogs which improves people's mental health

Backpacker Medics

Backpacker Medics is a platform for Paramedics to engage in humanitarian work.

Kain Foundation

We work with the corporate and community sector to create opportunities for children and youth in need.

The Purple Bucket Foundation Inc.

Raising awareness and offering support to all those affected by CRPS and other Chronic Pain Conditions

Kogarah Community Services

We are a dynamic community organisation committed to creating strong connections through quality aged care services, chi

Midsumma Festival

Premiere LGBTQIA+ cultural festival in Victoria, Australia

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