Find Professional And Skilled Volunteers

Find the volunteers that want to help you make a difference.

Running a not-for-profit is hard work. Sometimes all you need is a little help, but on a shoestring budget, finding someone with the skills you need can be a daunting task. That’s where Vollie comes in. Not only will we help you find the volunteers that want to work with you, we can also help to promote your cause through our social media and blog content. So you’ll have the help you need and access to a huge audience of people who care about what you’re doing.


3-Step Online Volunteer Recruitment Process

Step 1: Project

We'll help you translate your dreams into reality. You tell us what you want to achieve with your project and we’ll help you put together an opportunity that will attract the right volunteers.

Step 2: Volunteers

Not to brag, but we do have a 100% success rate in finding the right skilled volunteer, so we can manage the entire volunteer recruitment process for you.

Step 3: Delivery

Sit back and enjoy the unique Vollie experience. Our platform and process are designed to achieve success for each and every project.

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Why we charge

We're so much more than a job board! Vollie is an end-to-end service for non-profits and charities. We work with you to understand and articulate your requirements, connect you with the talent people you require, and stay with you and organisation until the project is completed to an exceptionally high standard. Like any business, we must be sustainable, and to do this we charge a small fee, which on average returns 20x the value of every dollar spend