Animal Aid Abroad

We treat, equip, educate and rescue sick, abused and neglected working animals in developing countries.


Animal Aid Abroad is an international non-profit organisation founded by Janet Thomas in 2007, after living and working in Egypt as a teacher. Having lived in Alexandria, Janet witnessed the cruel treatment of street and working animals every day. The donkeys and horses were appallingly undervalued, beaten and made to carry loads well beyond their capacity. Determined to be a catalyst for change, Janet flew home to Perth, Australia and formally registered Animal Aid Abroad in August 2007.

Early days

Initially, Janet got involved with improving the conditions and treatment of animals in the Alexandria zoo after a school trip.

With support from a few locals, Janet freed a lone Asian elephant from her day chain so she could wander her enclosure. She also raised enough funds to build her a shade canopy and reinforced the pen to keep her safe and secure. After that, she worked with the zoo keepers to help improve the chimpanzee habitat with wooden flooring in the night-den and an enriched diet for the chimps.

After returning to Australia, Janet set up a 24-hour clinic in Alexandria alongside AAA’s affiliate group, Animal Aid Egypt to help working and street animals.


More than ten years later, Animal Aid Abroad run projects and initiatives in 12 different countries and has partnerships with around 18 animal welfare organisations and project partners globally. Together, they assist hundreds of abused, sick, and injured working animals in very poor and difficult regions. AAA is dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys, mules, bullocks, camels, and other animals.

Our work is always expanding and evolving. Wherever the need is, we will endeavour to assist. Our core mission is to relieve suffering, abuse and pain. Together with this, give opportunities and resources to the people who own or handle these animals, to treat their animals with compassion and kindness.

Our Projects

Social Media Guru for 3 month project

Animal Aid Abroad

Looking for a social media guru with a passion to make a difference and promote our current campaign to the world via social media.

25 hours over 12 weeks
Apply by 13 Jun, 2020