Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO)

AFAO advocates for a strong and bold vision to prevent HIV and its impacts in Australia and the Asia Pacific region


AFAO is the national federation for Australia’s HIV community response. AFAO advocates for a strong and bold vision to prevent HIV and its impacts, responds nationally and regionally to priorities for our members, affiliates and communities, and works with government, clinicians, researchers and community to achieve our goals.

Within Australia, AFAO provides a voice for communities affected by HIV, leads the national conversation on HIV, and provides leadership, coordination and support to Australia’s policy, advocacy and health promotion response to HIV. Internationally, AFAO contributes to the development of effective policy and program responses to HIV/AIDS at the global level, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

While HIV rests at the heart of AFAO’s vision, we recognise the deep lessons of HIV and AIDS – that this is the most social of diseases and that responding effectively to HIV requires an expansive vision and approach, encompassing human rights and social justice and addressing intersecting issues of poverty, disadvantage, marginality and criminalisation, broader health issues and their determinants, and the health and social systems within which policy responses to HIV are embedded.

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