discovery college

discovery college is a new way of learning and exploring mental health.


It’s a new way of learning about mental health – it’s relaxed, everyone is equal and there are no rights or wrongs. Our courses are created and delivered by people with varied experiences in mental health, who share their knowledge of what works.

Anyone can attend and people from all sorts of backgrounds take part, like young people, professionals, families and community members. It’s unique because anyone can be a student. We learn not only from the facilitators but from each other.

By getting involved, you can discover how to take action to be who you are, explore what you want from life, and understand what actually works to help you and others stay mentally healthy.

Our Projects

Website development for discovery college (mental health college)

discovery college

The development of our website will streamline some clunky elements of our website to enhance the user experience as well as connect us with our community even more.

25 hours over 3 weeks
Apply by 30 Sep, 2019