Exodus Youth Worx

Exodus Youth Worx is a non-for-profit community organisation working for young people aged 13 - 30.


Exodus Youth Worx is a non for profit youth organisation that serves and supports young people by providing them with a community that they can trust. We are a community that will cater to the needs of each individual with the hope of empowering young people to take control of their lives.

The young people that we accommodate for come from a variety of situations. A lot of them have difficulties living at home with their family or guardians (a lot referrals come from schools or FACS), and take refuge in one of our two group homes. Exodus Youth Worx also provides food for the group home, for the drop-in centre and for those living out of home requiring assistance.

A lot of our young people have had exposure and experiences in traumatic circumstances which include a range of abuse (sexual, physical, mental, emotional). Mental illness is also a big concern with our youth, and the illness may be biological, hereditary or developed due to environmental issues and their upbringing (living situation). We deal with many of those who suffer various types of addiction, whether it be to drugs, gambling, alcohol, sex, stealing, or compulsive lying. Due to all these aforementioned issues, we provide counselling and a range of workshops and wellbeing programs.

Experience has shown us that young people also have employment concerns, which may be due to a variety of issues that usually stem from lack of skills or lack of self-esteem. This has led to the development of one of our largest programs called iWorx which is a job-readiness program. The aim of the program is to empower young people who may be deemed as unemployable by giving them training in basic skills such as following instruction, adequate task completion, ethics and morals, adaptability of changes in a work environment. At Exodus Youth Worx, we want to help them on their journey to becoming independent, well-rounded and community-minded individuals.

We believe that many of these issues are interconnected, and they may well and truly be a consequence of each other but they all come down to one’s feeling of self – self-worth, self-esteem, self-understanding. Exodus Youth Worx carries out extensive casework that investigates into the reasons why a young person requires assistance and creates a rehabilitation plan that is specifically catered around that young person.

Over the years we have come to the understanding that there are elements in young people’s lives that allow them to work through the issues they have been exposed to, such as community support, spirituality, financial support, access to education and knowledge. Exodus Youth Worx aims to provide all of these and more.

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