Family Day Care Queensland

The Family Day Care Association of Queensland (FDCAQ) is a not for profit organisation peak body for family day care.


Who we are

The Family Day Care Association of Queensland (FDCAQ) is a not for profit organisation, peak body for family day care in Queensland. Since our first meeting in 1977, we have worked tirelessly to support the quality of Family Day Care (FDC) services and the education and care of children.

Our work

We provide support to our members throughout Queensland in several ways, including education, training, resources, one-on-one support and consultancy services. We also provide professional development and networking opportunities and encourage services to reflect, share best practice and to innovate by leading and facilitating challenging and strategic conversations.

In our representative and advocacy role we act as a conduit between the sector and government, translating the experience of local services and communities into relevant policy and program design, while assisting services to better understand their regulatory and compliance obligations. Our expertise in FDC and the role of approved providers is respected and recognised within the jurisdiction of Queensland and at a national level.

FDCAQ is also an experienced, successful and trusted provider of early childhood education and care management. Under the ‘Enhance’ brand we have 12 approved services providing FDC and other child care service types. We operate throughout the state from Ipswich to Cooktown. We support over 350 educators providing early learning and care for 2000 children and 1700 families.

We also operate the In-Home Care Support Agency in Queensland and Victoria on behalf of the Department of Education and Training. Our agencies match suitable families to approved In-Home Care services and also provide general support and professional development opportunities to In-Home Care educators.

Our values

Children: We honour children and childhood through emphasising each child’s agency, child directed learning, valuing fun, children’s wellbeing and promoting the rights of all children.

Families: We recognise the importance of creating diverse communities that holistically support families from birth throughout life.

Lifelong Learning: We strive to achieve a culture of ongoing learning and development for individuals and teams which strengthens the capacity to support our community.

Shaping the Future: We promote innovation by looking to the future, envisaging change and embracing reflective practice that shapes the way forward.

Relationships: We promote opportunities to enable safe, reciprocal and meaningful relationships that respect the unique cultures and the value of different points of view.

Our future

Recently, FDC and the broader early childhood and care sector has seen significant reform and changes. We will continue to lead and support the sector in understanding and responding to our changing environment, adapting to future challenges and meeting the needs of families.

Our Projects

This charity does not have an active project at the moment