Jasiri Australia

Jasiri Australia is a youth led organisation on a mission to unleash a fearless generation of women and girls.


Jasiri Australia is a youth-led organisation on a mission to unleash a fearless generation of women and girls. We were founded in response to a growing concern about the lack of support systems and tools to protect young women from gender based violence and the widening burden of leadership inequality. Whilst there has been an increase in funding and prevention programs over the last few decades, violence against women is not decreasing, rather it is increasing. This means the current system is not working.

Utilising our award winning empowerment based self defence training, we are empowering women with the skills to stop or avoid attacks. Built around our key aims: Strength, Dignity and Resilience, our programs teach the fundamentals of self defence, as well as leadership and prevention skills.

After empowering women physically and mentally through self defence, we begin to build their fearlessness and capabilities through our Trailblazer Fellowship and Girls Takeover Parliament Program. Girls Takeover Parliament is an international program that gives young women and girls unprecedented access to politics and an ability to influence policy and decision making. These two leadership programs are central to achieving our mission as we are empowering the next generation of leaders with the support, tools and networks to thrive.

For every paid student, we pay forward our profits to work with survivors of violence free of charge,

Together with your help, we will build a nation of fearless women and girls.

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