Just Peoples

Making it easy for Aussies to make their impact on poverty by offering a personal, transparent & rewarding way to do so.


Just Peoples is an international non-profit, registered in both Australia (DGR1 status) and New Zealand.

Our VISION is of a world without poverty, where local people are empowered to solve their own problems, their own way.

Our MISSION is to make it easy for people around the world to make their impact on poverty by giving them a personal, transparent and rewarding way to do so.

We handpick a range of incredible projects from around the world which are run by local people who have developed localised solutions to poverty in their communities. We offer everyday Aussies and businesses the opportunity to choose a project which resonates with their values and support them to donate or fundraise the money required to make it a really. Because we send 100% of project donations through to projects, as little as $7 can change the life of someone living in poverty.


1. You Choose Your Impact
It's important to us that you determine where your money goes. We handpick a range of projects that improve lives through education, healthcare and economic empowerment. Choose the cause, country and individual people who receive the benefit of your dollars.

2. You Feel Your Impact
We believe you should be rewarded for your generosity. Everyone who funds, fundraises or donates towards one of our projects receives personalised feedback on the impact they have made on the lives of the people they choose to support.

3. 100% of Your Donation Goes to Your Chosen Project
By choosing to donate towards a Just Peoples project, you are guaranteed that 100% will go to implement the project. Our overhead costs are covered by individual and corporate sponsors.

Our Projects

Video editor needed!

Just Peoples

We are looking for a video editor to do some basic edits in Premiere Pro of our Bangladeshi projects in action to inspire more everyday Aussies to join the fight against global poverty

10 hours over 3 weeks
Apply by 24 Dec, 2019