Korus Connect

A Victorian Christian NFP collaborating with others to deliver its mission through community projects for the community.


The Community

In Australia, communities exist with a multitude of demographics that encompasses a huge diversity of age groups, occupations, cultural and religious backgrounds, socio-economic status, and lived experiences (just to name a few). Korus Connect recognises all groups as holding equal value within their community and the significant role they can play. Regardless of demographic, Korus Connect acknowledges that all individuals and groups have unique needs and talents, and as such, aims to work across the whole of community with all community members.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to see vibrant and connected communities where individuals and families are thriving. Our heart is to see people inspired, supported, and whole. We're on a mission to create transformational and collaborative movements of individuals and organisations who are passionate about fostering communities of hope, where people feel whole and connected.



  • Serve communities in line with the Christian value of serving the needs of others unconditionally.
  • Journey with people and their communities to provide genuine and ongoing friendship and support as they 'do life'.
  • Collaborate, co-operate, and connect with like-minded individuals and organisations to enhance community impact.
  • Equip others to see their purpose, gifts, and talents flourish as they seek to impact their local community.


Seven underpinning principles guide our work:

  1. Authentic relationships are at the core of all we do.
  2. Collaborative alliances are crucial to bring about lasting community change.
  3. Every individual and community is unique.
  4. Communities need to be equipped, empowered, and released to bring about change.
  5. Meeting a person's wellbeing needs is fundamental for them to thrive.
  6. People thrive in a community where they belong, have purpose, and can contribute positively.
  7. Strong families form the very foundation of thriving communities.

Our Projects

This charity does not have an active project at the moment