Lipoedema Australia

We are a registered charity dedicated to supporting, educating and advocating for Australian women with lipoedema


Lipoedema Australia is a registered charity which was founded by members of a Facebook group dedicated to Lipoedema. An initial association was formed called Lipoedema Australia Support Society Inc (LASS), which has since evolved into Lipoedema Australia.

Lipoedema Australia is a volunteer-based association which:

  • Raises awareness of Lipoedema

  • Advocates for and support women with Lipoedema

  • Provides a safe, supportive and educational resource through a closed Facebook group

  • Provides information, and resources and education opportunities for ongoing management of Lipoedema

The committee members of Lipoedema Australia are volunteers who suffer from Lipoedema - and are not medical professionals. We offer support and information via our Facebook group, website, annual conferences and other public and private events. We work tirelessly with medical professionals to ensure Lipoedema patients have better medical and health outcomes

Our Projects

This charity does not have an active project at the moment