We’re committed to the restoration and rejuvenation of Australian biodiversity.



Odonata is a not-for-profit entity supporting biodiversity impact solutions. Founded in 2017 by Nigel Sharp, we create, support, nurture and empower businesses and entrepreneurs to move towards a more environmentally sustainable world.

Healthy biodiversity, including our soils, is critical to our daily lives and long term survival. We believe that by demonstrating the economic benefits of investing in biodiversity, we will create a more sustainable planet where people can thrive. Business is a major tool for positive biodiversity, climate and social impact, and key to inspiring Australians to live a healthy life in harmony with nature.

As a biodiversity and threatened species manager, innovator and advisor, Odonata have the know-how and networks to influence impact investment funds. Our knowledge, trust and reputation have led to strategic collaborations with universities, businesses and NGOs – ultimately delivering results.

Our Projects

Videographer needed to film at Mount Rothwell (Victoria)


We need a skilled videographer to film our day at Mount Rothwell sanctuary and edit into a short video

30 hours over 2 weeks
Apply by 12 Jul, 2020