Seniors and Silky Rescue

Rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of pound dogs and cats.


SSR is a small rescue group based in Sydney NSW, with over 10 years of 'on the ground' experience behind us. We operate in a unique, family style with all carers, admin and volunteers working together to support each other. Our carefully crafted approach to rescue assures the best possible outcome for everyone involved in the rescue and adoption journey. All our animals are a lifetime commitment, SSR is always here to assist and we provide a lifetime return safety net as well as advice and help.
We are Incorporated as a Charity, Registered with the ATO and the ACNC, Gift Deductible, Charitable Fundraising Approved and Holder of NSW Dept of Local Govt Clause 16D.
SSR has been awarded twice in the Dog Owner's Choice Awards.

Our Projects

This charity does not have an active project at the moment