Spend With Us

Website Directory & Marketplace for Bushfire & Drought Affected Businesses


Spend With Us, is a free website directory & marketplace for Bushfire & Drought affected small businesses. Every small business doing it tough can get a website store or listing and accept online payments for their products or as donations.

Consumers will have an accessible site to discover and purchase rural & regional products, accommodation and services knowing that their money is going directly to those in need. Spend With Us also gives a convenient method to pay it forward with gifts and donations for Bushfire and Drought impacted businesses

In the months to come, when the immediate crisis subsides and life returns to normal for many Australians - residents of fire affected communities will only be beginning the long journey to rebuilding.

The aim of spendwithus.com.au is to support local and small rural businesses in these communities and help them bounce back now, and also to keep them afloat later on. It provides a simple platform for small business owners to use and create a free website store listing to tell their story, promote their business or services and to accept online payments.

Although there are a number of social media initiatives helping these communities, people who don’t use social media are missing out on being able to find and support many of these businesses during their time of need. These small businesses may have a facebook page or a simple website but many don’t know how to accept payments through these or how to gain exposure for their business with those customers looking for businesses to support.

The concept is to make it as simple as possible for these struggling businesses to get a website presence whether its a directory listing or an online store, and to accept donations or payments for products online.

Spendwithus.com.au will showcase all types of businesses from accommodation, restaurants to shops and will offer Australians looking to support these communities a website directory to easily search and purchase from rural and regional businesses in need.



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