The Australian Rhino Project

The Australian Rhino Project is committed to establishing a breeding herd of rhinos in Australia.


The Australian Rhino Project is working to help secure a future for rhinos by establishing a breeding herd of rhinos in Australia as an insurance population. 

The population of rhinos in South Africa, the home to 98% of the world’s rhinos, has been decimated over the past 6 years by illegal poaching activities. Our planet has lost more than 25% of the world’s rhinos in the last 6 years driven by the demand for rhino horn in countries such as Vietnam and China. Rhino horn has no medicinal value and has become a status symbol in some Asian cultures. In less than 10 years, it is likely that rhinos will not exist in the wild, if this current rate of poaching continues.

Whilst many initiatives exist to curb the poaching activities in South Africa, the Australian Rhino Project has taken the innovative approach to airlift an insurance population of rhinos to Australia as a genuine approach to protecting the species for future generations. This Australian based population will serve as a breeding herd to ensure the species 

Extensive research has been completed with the support of the University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society to establish the feasibility and rationale for the project. With the support of the Australian and South African Governments, the Australian Rhino Project is planning to relocate the first shipment of rhinos to Australia shortly and progressively relocate rhinos to build the herd. The ultimate plan is to repatriate the rhinos to South Africa when the situation permits.

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