The Babes Project

Creating a society in which all women are empowered and supported in their pregnancy and as they prepare for parenting.


Pregnancy and parenting can be terrifying, painful, tearful and overwhelming – for women facing domestic violence, homelessness, health issues, unemployment and family breakdown, negative experiences can mean life-long repercussions for both mother and baby. The availability of relevant health services available to women in the perinatal period is currently inadequate, leaving women facing pregnancy and parenting feeling alone and vulnerable.

Not-for-profit crisis pregnancy support service The Babes Project operates in Croydon and Frankston, and for eight years has empowered mothers to take confidence in their motherhood, offering free perinatal support, workshops and practical aid to new mothers facing a range of challenges. In October 2019 The Babes Project will open it's first interstate service in the Far North Queensland region of Cairns.

The Babes Project is working to create a society in which no woman would face pregnancy without the information, support, and understanding needed to make great decisions about her life and that of her child.

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