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Only charity in Au that provides wellness resilience programs to support physical, emotional & mental health for Carers


The Carers Foundation Australia Cares for Carers

There are over three million Australians that provide unpaid help and support to a family member or friend. 400,000 are children under 24 years old.

They may care for older people with aged care needs, someone with a disability, chronic or mental illness, or someone recovering from an illness or accident, or a cancer diagnosis.

This means over in ten Queenslanders/Australians are carers, providing 24hour care to a family member, friend or neighbour often without any time off for many years.

Carers are of all ages, background and circumstance. Some are only eight years old while others are nearing ninety.

Young carers usually care for their parent with a chronic medical or mental condition, disability or terminal illness, or their sibling with a disability. 50% of these young people are living in circumstances of disadvantage, 40% miss out on school, two out of three have a mental illness such as major anxiety disorders, isolation issues, and severe depression, leading to suicide. The general public are usually unaware that children are in these caring roles.

Research has proven that carers are amongst the most marginalised groups in the Australian community, and it is a documented fact that family carers have the lowest level of mental and physical health in any Australian group. Due to the intense stress and anxiety of caring, carer mental health is at high risk, as one in eight carers consider suicide, and 20% actually do.

The Carers Founation Australia provides unique health restoration programs to support emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.for unapid family Carers.

This in turn helps to avert health crisis breakdowns in carers from compassion fatigue.The reality is that there are children as young as eight years old caring for their parent or sibling, and elderly up to 85 years old still caring for their disabled children or partner, and the general public are totally unaware.

Our goal is to establish Australia’s first Wellness and Inspiration Centre, specifically for carers of all ages, background and circumstance, that will be available 24/7 for family carers to help prevent health crisis breakdown.

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