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Established for children across Australia, The Fathering Project aims to improve child development outcomes by engaging


Community engagement not-for-profit The Fathering Project launched in Queensland last month (Aug 2019), with QLD State Manager Ken Houliston saying he knows there is a huge benefit The Project can bring for fathers, children and communities across the state.

The Queensland launch marks the beginning of huge growth for The Project, as it plans to establish 3700 Dads Groups across Australia within five years.

Dads Groups are the Project’s core community outreach activity and are primarily established within schools across Australia. The Groups provide a safe, inclusive and positive environment where father-figures can learn, share, grow and connect with each other, and their kids.

January 2019 saw The Project receive a $5.4m funding boost from the Federal Government, and more recently it was recognised as the 2019 Men's Health Award Winner in Western Australia – where its programs were first established.

As a not-for-profit organisation, The Fathering Project’s key aim is to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to positively engage with the children in their lives – for the benefit of the kids.

“We know that when fathers are engaged and equipped to be the best they can be – children’s health and wellbeing can benefit hugely,” Mr Houliston said.

Founded in Western Australia, The Fathering Project first began expanding operations in the Eastern States of New South Wales and Victoria, with Queensland the newest addition in August 2019.

“Our Dads Group Programs have a unique ability to gather and connect men, families and communities in positive ways,” Mr Houliston said.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing this roll out across both metro and regional Queensland and seeing the real, grass roots difference this will make to lives, homes, schools and communities.”

Petero Civoniceva has joined many well-known Aussie ambassadors and embraced The Fathering Project as its first Queensland Ambassador. Petero said “ I am proud to represent this amazing organization, as men we need to work and learn together to ensure all kids enjoy the benefits of a present, engaged and great father or father figure”.

Robert Barty (Ash Barty's Dad) has also recently joined as an Ambassador

Being a father is such a wonderful responsibility. The privilege to share a life with your children, help them understand and manoeuvre through all stages of life and providing them with the life tools to become wonderful community members is something I never have (or will) taken for granted. Children learn for me as a parent (and first educator) so the responsibility is huge.

I believe The Fathering Project is an initiative that will help many Aussie Fathers and Father figures to build their game and become champions!

More Background:

The Fathering Project delivers outcomes by supporting our Dads Group members and the wider fathering community with weekly tips, online resources, community and school presentations as well as through small and large-scale events.

The Fathering Project also conducts research, evaluating its programs as well as looking more broadly into societal trends and issues that impact fatherhood.

Quotes from The Fathering Project CEO Wayne Bradshaw:

“Our core mission is to inspire and equip fathers and father-figures to be effectively involved with the kids in their lives, and consequently improve outcomes for young people.”

“We seek to encourage and support Dads to be the best they can be, for the benefit of their kids.”

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