The GroundSwell Project

To mobilise communities to re-activate care and support for the living and dying through the end of life process


Australians want to be helpful to their friends, families and communities when it comes to dying. This is at a time, when our population is aging and deaths are forecast to double in thenext 20 years. Health and aged care systems simply cannot keep up.

Our purpose is to mobilise and catalyse communities across Australia to re-activate community capacity to care and serve their living and their dying through the end of life process, demonstrating positive social and economic impacts through our engagement and practice.

We achieve this in three primary ways: delivering death literacy education, running a national public health campaign: Dying to Know Day and delivering grassroots place-based community development.

We are currently piloting our community development approach in 11 communities across Australia. In each location, we work with local community leaders, as well as professional service providers that deliver end of life care. We call these Compassionate Communities, together we are working with people that want to re-mobilise the collective strengths, wisdom and character of their communities. The primary beneficiaries are those ageing and living with chronic disease, however in this public health model, everyone benefits.

We account for our impact through thedevelopment of a world-first, population based Death Literacy Index, available in 2020.

Our Projects

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