The Institute for Enquiring Minds

We are a community of expert mathematicians trying to fix the maths crisis in Australia.


The Institute for Enquiring Minds is a charity working to redefine access to and reset attitudes towards maths.

Engagement rates and standards in High School Maths are falling and the gender gap is widening. Maths graduates are now in the top ten earners yet our high school students are not interested and are voting with their feet.

Despite the efforts of many worthy people and groups almost all trends are going the wrong way.

We offer scholarships to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to significantly alter their experience of mathematics. We have rigorous selection criteria to help find the individual students that need this intervention the most. Very often these young people will have had significant disruption to their education journey, they may have missed a lot of school, they may not even have had access to a school. These people are dedicated, they work hard, but maths is probably the hardest subject to catch up on. You cannot really "cram" maths. You have to solve the problems.

Our students get not only highly effective face to face and one to one tutoring, they also get to work with a person that has chosen to make maths their life. Their mentor is a socially aware expert and also an example of what you could do with maths. Each and everyone of our tutors/mentors could be earning at the highest level of private tuition pay scale (up to $100 per hour in some capital cities) but they choose to donate their time to the Institute instead. Even better, we deliver these mentorships inside the shared workspaces of large maths focused employers. The possible futures are right in front of the student's eyes.

The big difference between us and most other groups is that we are first and foremost a community of highly motivated mathematicians at all points in our careers. We are trained problem solvers. We know this problem better than anyone. Our volunteer mathematics mentors are high pefforming undergraduates, super busy graduates, teachers, researchers, professors and semi-retired mathematicians. They make time to volunteer for us, for The Institute.

The mentorship program delivers blocks of 20 hours face to face, completely bespoke maths help. Students and volunteers are invited to apply again if they felt it made a difference. We have delivered over 2000 hours in the first 18 months and we have had a 100% reapplication rate for both students and mentors.

We have been totally volunteer based since we were set up in July 2018. Our Board of Directors are volunteers, our co-founders are volunteers. We have a lot of maths skills but we don't have your skills.

We have grown faster than we projected and now we have the good problem of keeping up with demand.

We are an imaginative, collaborative, creative bunch of people. We have an artist in residence and a musician at large. We push hard against the negative image of maths but we have nothing but positive things to say about any person or group that is trying to help solve the maths education problem.

We are proud to count among our major not for profit partners; Western Chances, Skyline Foundation, Harding Miller Foundation and The Piano Project.

We are proud to receive pro bono support from Holding Redlich Lawyers, Woods Bagot Architects, WPS (Global Professional Services), National Australia Bank, Vertigo Design and Strategic Project Planners (Management Consultants).

We are proud to be supported by the Mathematics Association of Victoria, the largest association of maths teachers in Australia.

We have 50:50 gender quotas for everything including the Board of directors.

We would like to welcome to our team skilled experts that are better at what they do than we will ever be. We will do the difficult maths if you can help us with the other problems?

The Institute is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) and is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as having deductible gift recipient status (DGR1). Donations are tax deductible. ABN; 47627730116

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