Yes Get It

Creating the space, tools and communities for self-aware, confident and powerful young women to take on their futures.


Yes Get It is a social enterprise dedicated to all young Australian women feeling ready, excited and prepared to take on their futures. Our in-person workshops and online programs focus on self-awareness and emotional intelligence, confidence and personal and community power. We offer safe spaces and a supportive community for women to learn from each other, and share practical tools that really work for career and life success. We work directly with our community of women, as well as with universities and companies. One of our workshop participants described it like this: "I was reminded that it is always a good time to invest in yourself and your own development. There is always something to learn about yourself and grow from. I was also reminded of the immense power of diverse women putting their heads and hearts together; the energy was so high that at moments it felt like we were lifting off in a rocket, and that almost anything was possible". More information can be found at

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