Are you our Google Adwords Superhero?

This Project's Impact

You will be helping us to utilise a resource we know very little about while helping children build their potential.

Key project info

The problem needing to be solved

We don’t know if we are spending the NFP entitlements, how to spend them or what they even are. Well maybe we know what Adwords are but we certainly don’t know how to use them properly so we need help!

Responsibilities of the online volunteering project

· Identify and implement keywords

· Develop targeted and retargeting programmes for future sustainability

· Help build meaningful reports and dashboards

· Develop and assist us to implement strategies

· Ensure we know what we are doing before you leave us alone

The benefit to you, the volunteer

Contributing to the overall impact upon a community to improve literacy and help parents and caregivers engage with the child to help them read and build their full potential for a better future as well as developing and understanding the importance of early childhood literacy

Tools required

Computer with access to the internet