BCPRI DGR Application

Applications for this online volunteering project have now closed

This Project's Impact

In obtaining our DGR status we hope to enlist corporate sponsorship. One of our Missions is to employ a General Manager and a Secretary to run the Rescue and offer our Community a discounted desexing and vaccination program.
Project deadline

March 31, 2019

Applications due by

January 14, 2019

Volunteer hours required


Key project info

The problem needing to be solved

We are working on gaining DGR status with the ATO and ACNC. This is a complex process and we need the help and guidance of a skilled professional to help us move forward with it.

Responsibilities of the online volunteering project

  • Assisting with changes to our governing documents if necessary
  • Working with the ATO and ACNC to ensure we are able to gain DGR
  • Any other requirements or changes that need to to be made in order for us to move forward

The benefit to you, the volunteer

You will be supporting our vision to be a part of the environmental awareness movement, and to inspire others to live with a light footprint on this planet, to learn about and respect wildlife, both within Australia and internationally.

You will play a key role in getting our organisation started. We aim to have a major impact that will positively benefit indigenous communities and animals.

Following this project you will be able to add this experience to your LinkedIn profile and CV...plus brag to your friends about it by sharing through Facebook!

Tools required

Knowledge of submitting DGR applications

Applications for this online volunteering project have now closed