Mentor Belinda to provide a platform for grass-roots Kenyan artists

Applications for this online volunteering project have now closed

This Project's Impact

Belinda believes that mentorship and collaboration will expose her to learning and gaining new experience.
Project deadline

September 20, 2019

Applications due by

June 17, 2019

Volunteer hours required


Key project info

The problem needing to be solved

This collaboration is between Vollie and Youth Agenda ( Youth Agenda (YA) wants to connect Youth (aged 18-24) in Kenya with mentors that can support young people in Kenya and their professional growth. Currently in Kenya the unemployment rate is at 22%, higher than most African countries, and YA gets daily requests from the youth that they work with pleading for opportunities to progress their career. Vollie and YA are partnering to connect young Kenyan’s with professionals right across Australia for the purpose of virtual mentoring.

Once connected through Vollie these two parties can Skype and email to get to know each other and for the Australian professionals to mentor these young Kenyan’s to success.

Responsibilities of the online volunteering project

Belinda is a decor and interior design diploma student at Graffins College. She plans to give upcoming artists at grass-root level a chance to shine with their art.

The benefit to you, the volunteer

You will be sharing your talents and experience, and your work will encourage entrepreneurial thinking and execution, develop networks, grow ideas and inspire. Ultimately, it will support better job outcomes for African change-makers.

Applications for this online volunteering project have now closed