Paid Membership Strategy Development

This Project's Impact

This project will diversify the organisations funding streams, in particular, in to reliable unattached income streams that will ensure we can continue to provide ongoing support to women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation when we are unsuccessful in securing government grants.
Project deadline

January 16, 2020

Applications due by

December 10, 2019

Volunteer hours required


Key project info

The problem needing to be solved

Project Respect has a good reputation, and lots of supporters, but we don't have very many "official" members, and we have never really tried to financially capitalise on our supporters support.

We would like to develop a membership strategy to develop levels of paid membership, including with corporate organisations and other key stakeholders such as other community organisations.

Responsibilities of the online volunteering project

  • Research of what other community organisations do for a paid membership strategy
  • Feasibility and scoping study to see if this would work for Project Respect
  • Develop membership strategy
  • Assist in implementation of strategy
  • Provide some support during immediately after implementation

The benefit to you, the volunteer

Assist a small organisation to diversify their funding streams, and make them more sustainablle! In doing, so, directly assisting in supporting the work the organisation does with vulnerable women.