Searching for SEO Superstar

This Project's Impact

This project will help us get out there to the public. We need them to find us so we need you to help them get there. We run a book program and look after adult size possum’s. What do we know about search engines!
Project deadline

October 29, 2019

Applications due by

October 04, 2019

Volunteer hours required


Key project info

The problem needing to be solved

We need people to donate to our organisation to keep us sustainable but we aren’t well known and more people need to be able to find us. We need to build our profile to get more benefit to our organisation and its causes.

Responsibilities of the online volunteering project

· Review of our website that is currently being updated and the existing content

· Advise and implement changes you believe need to be made to ensure we are achieving maximum SEO optimisation.

· Create and execute an SEO strategy that we can understand and will help us to increase public awareness of our cause and donate to support us.

· Improve our Google search results. Nobody knows who we are yet!

· Create content with keyword searches as a key component to success

The benefit to you, the volunteer

Contributing to the overall impact upon a community to improve literacy and help parents and caregivers engage with the child to help them read and build their full potential for a better future as well as developing and understanding the importance of early childhood literacy.

Tools required

Computer with access to internet