Timeline of Project Respect's achievements & collation of data

Applications for this online volunteering project have now closed

This Project's Impact

This project will tell the story of the trafficking landscape in Australia from the perspective of grassroots organisations. It will also help celebrate Project Respect's work, and allow us to understand what impact we have had over the years!
Project deadline

July 05, 2019

Applications due by

May 30, 2019

Volunteer hours required


Key project info

The problem needing to be solved

Project Respect has been in operation since 1998, and December 14th, 2018 marked our 20th birthday. We would like to celebrate the achievements and successes we have had over this time period, including determining how many women we have supported during this time but we don't neccessarily know what they are! Most of the key information should be contained within the Project Respect Annual Reports.

Responsibilities of the online volunteering project

  • Have initial conversation with the ED about the parametres of data collection and information required
  • Read through the annual reports and extract the data and key events
  • Determine the best way in which this information can be presented - both so each individual year can be reviewed, but also the collated data/information

The benefit to you, the volunteer

You will get to contribute to the development of a new project, which we will hopefully be able to put up on our website.

Additionally, you will get a solid understanding of the trafficking landscape in Australia, and how this has changed over the past 20 years!

Applications for this online volunteering project have now closed