Personalisation in Corporate Volunteering

The on-demand tech revolution has a particularly obvious underlying theme, and that’s personalisation.

Convenience? Sure. Timeliness? Without a doubt. But it’s the way we are able to specifically tailor goods and services to our personal preferences and requirements – the door-to-door journey of an Uber ride, the extra sauce and no peanuts on our Deliveroo order, and the order in which songs play on our Spotify playlists – the little things we don’t notice, the seemingly minute options we have to alter what we consume to be just right for our personal taste, that make these services worth using. More than that – worth paying for.

You can use an app to have flowers delivered to your lover at work, but it’s the message you wrote to go along with them that turns the gesture into something sincere rather than the result of tapping a small glass screen a few times. It leaks into the way we live, from every imaginable angle: entertainment, socializing, productivity. We’re a world full of Goldilocks’ – we’ve come to expect more and more specificity from the businesses that market to us, and it’s time for the philanthropic sector to catch up.

Personalisation here and now means more than deciding how much money you want to donate to the Cancer Council when they send you their annual mailer. Personalisation means thinking a little outside the box – finding new and innovative ways to facilitate the wants and needs of the individual. It’s why Vollie has established itself as a hub for giving back – connected with over 400 non-profits from all different causes – so that each user can jump on board and easily navigate their own unique experience, finding a way to give back that is meaningful to them individually.

With CSR becoming an increasingly important aspect to the workplace, and more millennials demanding ethical practice and corporate giving from their prospective employers, ensuring this is a meaningful endeavour is becoming a requirement rather than just an illusion to project for image’s sake. Companies need to be offering their employees a range of options for how they wish to get involved – each unique individual has unique causes close to their hearts, unique skillsets, and unique availabilities. Giving them the opportunity to design the way they give back around their own lifestyle is the most saleable method for employee satisfaction – and the most effective and productive way to maximize your business’s positive impact.

Vollie Business has now launched to facilitate this. Click here for more info.

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