When a business decides to make a difference you see public engagement increase, customer loyalty increase,
staff retention increases and brand equity becomes stronger than ever.

So if you’re looking at increasing your CSR engagement, now’s the time. Vollie can help amplify the impact of your CSR program by partnering your brand with relevant causes. We can help give your staff a sense of community engagement and purpose. And we’ll help you promote your brand as one that cares about more than just profits. You’re not just investing in a strategy that will increase your sustainability and growth; you’re also helping to make the world a better place.

Online Partner

Manage your corporate volunteering and measure the impact that your staff are having on the causes your brand cares about.

  • Unlimited access to Vollie’s skilled online volunteering platform for all staff
  • Personal account manager to match staff to volunteering opportunities
  • Quarterly reporting to measure the impact your staff and company is making via skilled volunteering
  • Platform training and onboarding
  • Personalised workshop to identify your organisation’s volunteer needs
  • Promotion of your business across Vollie’s branded channels and extensive networks

Sponsor Partner

Cover the Vollie subscription for a NFP in your network that returns more than 20x on your investment in volunteer value.

  • Cover a non-profit’s subscription on Vollie for one year
  • Amplify your corporate donation program by unlocking tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of volunteer value for a non-profit of your choice
  • Quarterly reporting on the value and impact that your sponsorship is making for each sponsored NFP

Purpose Partner

Increase the impact your CSR program has on the causes you represent, staff retention, brand equity, and customer loyalty.

  • Connect purpose to your bottom line, your market share, and your brand equity
  • Create a purpose-beyond-profit strategic action plan that aligns with your company objectives, your staff motivations, and your customer values
  • Increase commercial sustainability
  • Full support in aligning your purpose-beyond-profit activities
  • Quarterly reporting showcasing impact on staff, customer loyalty and brand equity

Interested in all three? Simply enquire about any partnership package and we can design you a customised solution for your CSR needs.