Connellan Airways Trust

We provide grants and awards to people in isolated and rural places - Outback Australia


Connellan Airways Trust is an outback trust that aims to reduce the feeling of isolation that is experienced in Outback Australia. We provide grants that enable opportunities, connecting people and promoting growth in the most isolated and remote places. This, in turn, improves social and economic outcomes for people living in Outback Australia.

Our grants reduce the challenges of isolation and distance. We recognise and cultivate the resilience, strength and determination of those living out bush. We facilitate positive outcomes in education, health and wellbeing and a variety of other endeavours.

Connellan Airways Trust is the legacy Trust of Connellan Airlines. Founder EJ Connellan and the shareholders of the airline established the Trust in 1981 to acknowledge the challenges of isolation and distance and encourage development of those living in Outback Australia. Since then the Trust has provided over $4 million in grants to people in isolated and rural places supporting a variety of endeavours.

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Connellan Airways Trust

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