Dogstar Foundation (Down Under)

Transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is home to millions of roaming street dogs and cats, who suffer immeasurable pain from diseases, vehicle accidents, and cruelty. Overpopulation of street dogs (and cats) has been an issue that societies have dealt with in a variety of ways, many inhumane. The welfare of the animals has rarely been considered, and as a result, campaigns of poisoning, shooting, electrocution, drowning, starvation and other cruel methods have been used to "dispose" of unwanted animals. Such activities are not only brutal; they are ineffective because, although they may serve as methods for “immediate” results, they are not long-term solutions.

The life of an uncared for street dog can be wretched. Entire lives spent without any positive human contact, basic shelter or veterinary care. Suffering hunger, constant torment from preventable and treatable skin conditions or parasitic infections. Dogs and cats are at constant risk of being trapped in illegal snares, injured in fights over territory, contracting sexually transmitted diseases or being exposed to fatal diseases like Rabies. In Sri Lanka, the most effective way to deal with the street dog overpopulation crisis is through education, sterilization and vaccination.

The Dogstar Foundation is transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka. Since 2006 Dogstar has worked closely with both Australian and Sri Lankan communities and vets to provide sterilisations, vaccinations, veterinary treatment, and education leading to attitude change and the development of veterinary practice. A dog charity with a difference, Dogstar is committed to raising awareness in Australia so that Australian (tourists and visitors) can help Sri Lankan communities find sustainable solutions to animal welfare issues.

Since their inception in 2006, they have carried out thousands of sterilisations, vaccinations and treatments to dogs and cats that are stray, owned by poorer families or living in communities and religious buildings being fed by local residents. They have positioned themselves as advocates for these animals and animal welfare educators to the human communities in which they live.

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