Foodbank Australia

Australia's largest hunger relief organisation.


Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, providing 77 million meals a year to over 2,400 charities and 2,000 schools. Foodbank is also the largest provider in Australia of food to schools for breakfast programs. Foodbank partners with the food industry, government and charities to ensure that children in most need start the school day with a nutritious meal.

Foodbank works with the entire Australian food and grocery industry including farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. Donations include stock that’s out of specification, close to expiry, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging, is excess to requirements or from slow moving or deleted lines. Companies also make donations as part of a corporate social responsibility commitment or cause-related marketing campaign.

In addition, Foodbank collaborates with suppliers, manufacturers and transporters in a Key Staples Program to ensure there are supplies of essential food items in its warehouses every day. In this program, food manufacturers produce the products needed using spare production capacity. Suppliers donate or subsidise the ingredients, packaging and delivery of the products to spread the commitment and enhance the sustainability of the program.

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