Petstock Assist Charity Foundation

We are committed to making a long-term difference & positive change in the lives of pets & humans within our community


PETstock Assist is a charity foundation committed to making a long-term difference and positive change in the lives of pets and humans within our community through educating and raising awareness.

In 2007, The PETstock Foundation started with the single goal to support the relationship between people and animals.

Today, after some transformation, PETstock Assist is committed to making a long-term difference and positive change in the lives of pets and humans within our community by educating and raising awareness.

We envision a community where all animals are respected, loved and treated as part of the family resulting in a happier, healthier life for all.

Our PETstock Assist Foundations form the basis of all we do. We operate within and measure ourselves against them.

  • We ASSIST abused, abandoned and neglected pets through rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming initiatives.
  • We SUPPORT those who require assistance within our communities through companion animal projects and disaster assistance.
  • We raise AWARENESS about rescue pets, animal health and the impact of animals on human happiness and health.
  • We are SUSTAINABLE and ETHICAL in our approach.

PETstock Assist works with generous team members, from more than 150 PETstock stores, supply partners and our amazing customers across Australia and New Zealand to support pets and humans within our communities.

We work together as a team and rely on our PETstock Family to help us deliver our charity activations at the lowest cost meaning – we can focus on what we are here to do!

PETstock's own team make a difference by generously choosing to make salary sacrifice donations, with these funds supporting numerous charities including the Starlight Children’s Foundation, PetRescue, Guide Dogs Australia, Assistance Dogs Australia, Love Your Pet Love Your Vet and Young Diggers. The giving program has grown approximately 60% since 2017 and now sees over 55% of PETstock team members give on a weekly basis to help pets and families in need.

PETstock’s supply partners generously support PETstock Assist in a variety of ways. Whether it’s by donating a percentage of product sales from a campaign, providing product for our rescue group partners or simply by encouraging their own team members to support the cause, every instance enables PETstock Assist to continue our mission.

Our Projects

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