Tuk Tuk for Children Ltd

We empower early childhood educators with the tools for growth.



A resource gap is resticting Khmer education, and it goes beyond missing pens and paper. There’s a lack of support and structure.

Too often, communities are unable to reach their potential, with many students and parents disengaging entirely. This means a generation of children miss the enormous value of education.

When basic skills aren’t taught in early years, deeper personal and social issues become increasingly prevalent. TukTuk is here to change this.

The 3-Wheel Approach

Build, Access, Sustain

Our impact model tackles ground-level barriers. The only road to long-term growth is empowering real people with tools and ownership.

1 - Plug The Gap / Build

Firstly, we’re plugging the resource gap.

This is no small task. Our team is continually expanding The TukTuk Resource Bank, a platform entirely in Khmer, culturally aligned, and tailored to the curriculum.

Through foreign material translation, creative projects, and partnerships, we’re building a comprehensive learning tool for teachers. The TukTuk Resource Bank is available for free on The TukTuk Digital Library.

2 - Converse and Supply / Access

The second step is getting materials in the hands of Khmer communities.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we tailor resource access by talking with local leaders. Through a mix of traditional and innovative techniques, we can reach a diverse range of communities.

Thanks to our AccessBox, a local hotspot powered by solar, we’re able to give communities access to our Digital Library, regardless of electricity or internet connection.

We also offer training workshops, physical supplies, and engage wider the community with our Tuk Tuk Theatre and public meetings.

3 Empower and Support / Sustain

Finally, we enable local people to own and drive their educational growth.

We open dialog for everyone. By giving people physical and digital platforms to speak, we empower educational ambassadors, build pride, and create sustainable change across entire communities. After all, education goes beyond the classroom.

As of 2019, we formed The TukTuk Network, a mixture of digital spaces and meetup incentives for local education leaders. Our goal is to remove ourselves from resource creation. We believe a self-sustaining, Khmer led network of educators, generating resources, is far more impactful than anything we can provide.

Our Projects

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