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Making child safe leader training interactive and animated

ChildSafe Limited

We need our child safe leader training updated to be more impactful and to engage more leaders to participate in it

40 hours over 9 weeks
Apply by 24 Jun, 2020

Indentifying new fundraising opportunities and writer

ChildSafe Limited

As COVID has impacted us significantly which means our work to create safer environments for children has been impacted we are in need of finding new funding opportunities so we can continue

40 hours over 4 weeks
Apply by 12 Jun, 2020

Tech team for remote education project including UI/UX design, Python / HTML5 software dev and hardware configuration

TukTuk Charity

Can you help further develop a low cost server containing educational resources in rural Cambodian schools

200 hours over 15 weeks
Apply by 21 Jun, 2020

Data Management Guru


Assiting with the transistion into a new Volunteer Management System.

40 hours over 7 weeks
Apply by 12 Jun, 2020

Social Media, Graphic Design, Creative, Messaging & Communications Strategy, Media Planning, Campaign Assistance

Ban Dog Chaining

The chaining/tethering of dogs is already banned in other countries recognized as a cruel practice. The time has come for the community to change the law elsewhere.

50 hours over 15 weeks
Apply by 17 Jun, 2020

Merchandise Super Star - logistics and marketing

Ocean Mind

We have the cool design and the merchandise on order but we need your help to make it sell.

20 hours over 6 weeks
Apply by 21 Jun, 2020

Grant Tracker/Schedule

Ocean Mind

We are looking for a fundraising super start to help us create a fundraising schedule and tracker.

15 hours over 2 weeks
Apply by 14 Jun, 2020

Digital Fundraising for Indigenous Education Equity

Indigenous Education Foundation

Develop and execute a digital platform / technology-based fundraising strategy to assist in advancing education equity for indigenous communities

30 hours over 6 weeks
Apply by 15 Jun, 2020
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